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Growing Herbs Indoors

Growing herbs indoors and yard is fun and money saving hobby that add taste to your dinner table and keep your family fit and healthy. Want to have a healthy herbs garden in your home or yard, here’s a list of medicinal herbs that can help you to relieve from common ailment. Put these popular herbs in your yard and home and get relieve from common health issues like headache, anxiety,  cough, cold, indigestion, skin burn and more. Here below 11 healthy herbs to grow at home along with health benefits and tips for growing herbs indoors and yard.

1Lemon Balm

The leaves of this plant smell like mint and have nourishing and relaxing antispasmodic effect on nervous system and stomach. Lemon balm is good for people with digestive problems like intestinal gas, stomach upset and vomiting. The big summer flower of this plant can be used to rub against skin to heal animal and insect bites.

Intake of nectar of lemon balm with water as a juice is beneficial for headache, stress, fever, depression, insomnia and its anti-viral properties speed up healing of cold sores.

Lemon balm tea is often consumed to improve mental health, promote relation and make you active and alertness.

11 Must Have Healthy Herbs To Grow Indoors | Growing Herbs Indoors
Lemon Balm, Growing Herbs Indoors

Planting: Grow your own lemon balm plant in your home using lemon balm seed and transport them to outdoor or in yard in spring.

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