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Most Poisonous Plants

Nature Lovers – Beware!

Over a million year ago, Our mother nature is full of mysterious herbs that helps us to cure many diseases and provide us food to meet our daily life. But in our mother nature there are lots of poisonous and deadliest plants that are very harmful and can even kill you. It’s shocking to heard that these poisonous plant can grow around us and even a small bite of these most poisonous plants could kill you. Here we are going to share 10 most poisonous plants that are very harmful when consumed or handled.


Found: Mostly found in Southern and Western Regions of US

Oleander is one of the attractive flowering plant but don’t get fool, Oleander is one of the most poisonous plants around the world. It’s all parts like follower, leaves, twigs or shrub are equally toxic and only one leaf of this plant can kill an adult. This plant is widely used for decoration in garden, parks and in school yard and this plant is very dangerous specially for children’s. So do not forget to guide your kids about this poisonous plant.

World's Most Poisonous Plants, Deadliest Plants Around the World
Oleander Plant

2Deadly Nightshade (Belladonna)

Found: Natively found in Europe, Western Asia and North Africa.

Deadly nightshade, as the name suggest this plant is very toxic from tip to top. Its berries and foliage are extremely toxic and even a small amount of this plant can lost your voice. Its leaves are highly toxic as compared to berries and even a single leaf can kill an adult. Children’s are highly attracted by this plant because its berries are very sweet and have been known to die by eating only two berries of this plant. Not only humans, this deadly nightshade also effects horse, birds, pigs, sheep, goats etc.

World's Most Poisonous Plants, Deadliest Plants Around the World
Deadly Nightshade (Belladonna), Most Poisonous Plants

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